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Diskeye RightOne more live appearance this year, together with my friends Kybernaughty and Circuitnoise. Check the page of the organizer for more details: Xerox Exotique #074


SIDcraft through the AgesI've created a brand new song called 'SIDcraft through the Ages', which is featured in a little accompanying demo.

It is also part of a 10 track release which my good friend szmt has just released digitally.

Apple Music


Yes. A new demo. For Onslaught. With amazing music by Narcisound. Find it here.


And another strange year has bitten the dust... time for some thanx!

  • David Simmons aka Jazzcat for asking me to join Onslaught, my new C64 scene home. Shoutouts to all other Onslaughtees ~ a pleasure to hang out with you.
  • The First Offenders aka all the lovely people who contributed to 'Das Schlagen des Bimpfs' - Sascha Stadlmeier, Gerald Fiebig, Trstn Kauke, Worsel Strauss, Jens Rosenfeld, Guido Braun, Carsten Vollmer & Minimum Viable Person.
  • Patrick Neuntausend & Worsel Strauss of Frankfurter Klang for organizing my only live show this year.
  • Transmission64 - a great online demo scene event and the first time I entered something into a compo.
  • And yet again Worsel Strauss for inviting me to contribute musically to Fortran Love Call and to create the video for 'Double Timing Baby' together. Cheers to the other contributors: Claus Niegsch, Patrick Neuntausend, Markus Mattern, Frank Wilke & SZMT.
  • SZMT for inviting me to do a remix for him (to be released this year).
  • Keen Vox for all the amazing C= gadgets he made for me.
  • Guido Braun of ANALOGmusiq for various collaborations and releasing my stuff.
  • QTCT for invaluable support during all my silly little endeavours.

And of course everybody who watched, listened, downloaded, bought or otherwise showed interest in my stuff.

Hope I didn't forget anyone...

15.12.2021   The Alps Have Eyes

My final C= release for this year, a little old school demo called 'Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders", has been added to the C= section.


The Alps Have EyesThe first release of my new audio project is out now. It's called 'Das Schlagen des Bimpfs' and consists consisting of 9 reworkings / remixes of an original LDX#40 track by musician friends.

Available via bandcamp.


Here's a new video - a colorful 80ies retro trip called 'Double Timing Baby' for Fortran Love Call's upcoming EP. I contributed some musical input for the EP as well - but not on the track used in the video.


The Brotherhood Of Sleep A new release! Well, more like three releases in one - I've created two brand new tracks on the C64, which you can get as...
#1 a digital release on bandcamp - includes both tracks in 4 versions (emulation vs. real hardware & SID chip variants 8580 vs. 6581), plus a special remix of the first track combining all versions
#2 a .d64 file for use with emulators, which includes the tracks for both SID chip variants
#3 an actual 5.25" floppy disk in a custom gatefold cover, available in three disk colors - also available via bandcamp


I've unearthed an early attempt at game programming from 1989 - you can find it in the C= section at the bottom of the page.


Justified & AncientFinally, a new C64 release - an old school demo called 'Off the Grid'. Get it here or at CSDb.


First update for 2021 - a spanking new section showcasing the 'Rejected Logo Designs' graphics series.


And so 2020 fizzles out... and that means a few thanks are in order.

  • Kybernaughty - for a great studio concert & yet another opportunity for a video with complete creative freedom.
  • Worsel 'Jordan' Strauss - for a great video collaboration and the chance to partake in one of his new projects (yet to be released).
  • Guido Braun - releases, remixes, promotion, video stuff & all kinds of support.
  • Sascha Stadlmeier - for releasing AUXISM.
  • Carsten Vollmer - for co-founding VOLDX Industries, Inc. with me and helping push the CO2-based industry to its limits.
  • QTCT - for joining VOLDX Industries, Inc. and constantly supporting me <3
  • Everybody who listened & watched.

Already got a lot of new ideas & projects lined up for 2021 :)


IK+ Sunrise I finished another video, yet again for Mr. Kybernaughty or more specifically the song 'Cyberian Sunrise' from his latest Album 'A.E.' (get it on bandcamp).


The city never sleeps... Here's a new video for my dear friend Worsel Strauss - Krautrock, railways and urban futurism.

The track was taken from the album 'Eigenwert', which is available via ANALOGmusiq.


Some releases - first, a recording of my 2019 concert in Augsburg, released by Attenuation Circuit & available on Bandcamp.

Second, the digital version of my 20 years EP Vint, also available on Bandcamp.

Both for the customer-orientated price of 'pay what you want'.


Wow, almost a year since my last C= release... well, here's my latest foray into the wild world of 6510 assembler hacking: a minimalist hires text editor called HITEX. The practical uses are probably rather limited, but this gave me a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge concerning manipulating hires graphics, raster interrupts and disk operations. Enjoy :)

Thanks must got out to Di No for invaluable testing support <3

Get it here or at CSDb.


Welcome to 2020 - a few live dates are casting their shadows ahead.

[Well, this did not turn out so well :( ]


Whoops, another year over. Still no flying cars (at least not outside my window). Oh well.

Thanks are due! To a lot of lovely people!

First and foremost to Di No for constant support! <3 <3 <3

There's a legion of incredible humans I did something together with! Here's to: Kybernaughty & szmt (the belated 20 years CD), Frank Kumm (live video for zid), Guido Braun/Waffensupermarkt (remixes and various releases on ANALOGmusiq), Kaffee und Kuchen (remix), Matt Ecocentric & Ma Joscha of XQM (recomposition (next to Emerge) of their session #43), Sebastian F. (The Brown Toners), trabouliste (Suceurs de Chèvre du Centre de la Hesse) and finally Kybernaughty again (live video as Tilmann O'Blivion).

There are those out there who are kind enough to organize shows for me! Do not speak their names in vain: Sascha Stadlmeier (Attenuation circuit), Xerox Exotique, Kybernaughty (yet again), Sebastian F. and finally Grg Klein (Bend Make Change).

Appearing together with me: Lucas Alvarado, DUO, Siegfried Kärcher, Amigos del Autobus, Materialeinschüchterung, META MEAT, Gerald Fiebig, Roland Etzin, Emerge and XQM.

And last but not least to everybody who showed up, listened, watched, bought, downloaded, talked and whatever other -eds people are up to.

Hope to see you all again soon. It's back into the C= coding dungeon for me now :)


Out now: XQM / Emerge / LDX#40 - Session #43 Recomposed. Contains track #02 of the original recording session #43 by XQM and two recomposed versions by EMERGE and LDX#40. Available as CD or download via Bandcamp.

And a little self-remix of themEx from 2017 - have a listen on SoundCloud.

CD Player

New video online, this time a processed live recording of a home concert by Tobias Schmitt, trabouliste and Frank Wilke.


PETSCII Finally finished my latest C= programming journey. This time, it's all about generating abstract videos based on the C64's PETSCII character set - and hence it has the very creative name of PETSCII Video Generator (PVG). Here's a short promotional video.

Black Slayer   

The year of Blade Runner is here (where are my flying cars?), and what better way to kick this off than with a spanking new release? It's a Mini CD-R called Vint, celebrating (a bit belated) 20 years of LDX#40.

It contains two brand new multi-C64 tracks as well as remixes by kybernaughty and szmt - thank you, guys!

The CD comes in a custom cardboard box, with badge and stickers as bonus. Limited to $20 copies, individually numbered. Orders can be placed via Bandcamp or by contacting me directly (see info page). For the time being, this is a physical release only.


2018 is almost over, and I am taking my usual break at the end of the year :) But before that, thanks are due to some people!

The collaborators: Sascha Stadlmeier (Attenuation circuit), Zan Hoffman, Sebastian, Kershyll Vanne (synapscape), Guido Braun (Waffensupermarkt, ANALOGmusiq), Gustav Ring & Enrico Cerrato (Petrolio).

The organizers: Sascha Stadlmeier (re:flexions), Ulrich von Hutten (club|debil), Trstn Kauke & Grg Klein (Waggon am Kulturgleis Offenbach), Josip (MAJ MUSICAL MONDAY), Der Kulturminister, Worsel Strauss & Patrick Neuntausend (Frankfurter Klang), Xerox Exotique.

The co-players: szmt, SixTurnsNine, Rovar17, Emerge, Genesis, Ritual Extra, Worsel Strauss, Roland Etzin, trabouliste, Hans Hiscore, Minimum Viable Person, Anja Kreysing, Donatella Bartolomei, Eric Leonardson, Federico Dal Pozzo, Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim, Friedemann Von Rechenberg, Jan Kaiserwetter, Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg, Julia Zemanek, Bodycocktail, Kollaps, Patrick Neuntausend, Frank Kumm & Dr. Atomic.

Everybody who looked & listened.

And last but not least QTCT for help, support, photos & feedback <3

Antifire New video clip! This time for Synapscape. Antifire

The live video of the L'MERGE 40 performance with EMERGE has been released into the wild. Watch it here.


Zak's Cat And some more C= programming...
This time, a port of the lovely QLOCKTWO®, with added features.


ANALOGMUSIQ has released an EP with three of my tracks called Fahrstuhlmusik. Get it here or here.


I am back in the Commodore programming game and produced a business software called $QUAND€R.


Aliens Pulse Rifle New video: Blank & Blanker - Dance or Die (Waffensupermarkt Remix / LDX#40 Recut)



Antiriad  Tree

New track: Escalier Étroit Supérieur Du Cochon

Dark Forest Ambient.


Happy New Year, everyone. I got some brand new 2018 live dates.


Zak's GuitarAnd so my most productive year so far ends.

Heartfelt thanks go out to everybody who helped make it possible.

My co-conspirators: Di No <3, Tobias Schmitt aka szmt and Emerge.

The organizers: Sascha Stadlmeier (Attenuation circuit), Worsel Strauss & Patrick Neuntausend (Frankfurter Klang), Angy-Oleg Drohnig (AKK), Grg Klein & Trstn Kauke (Waggon am Kulturgleis Offenbach), Tomislav Bucalic & Matthias Orgler (Hans Hiscore), Xerox Exotique and Sascha Djäzz (Djäzz Jazzkeller Duisburg).

The co-players: szmt, Martyna Poznańska, Michael Wiebusch, trabouliste, Kenzo Römer, Klein und Glücklich, Frank Kumm, Dan Bay, Worsel Strauss, Hendrik Klangrausch, Anna Hjalmarsson, Al Margolis, Martina Vodermayer, No Noise No Reduction, VLK & The Tuesday Night Machines, Siegfried Kärcher, StÖrenFrieD, Pyrolator, Kybernaughty, Joker Nies, Wein Glas, Chris Sigdell (b°tong), Emerge and SixTurnsNine.

All who came, listened and supported.

And now I am off into hibernation 'til next year.


Out now: the DVD with the live recording of my audiovisual collaboration project L'MERGE 40 (with EMERGE). Recorded at Xerox Exotique #013 on May 26th 2017.


Yet another live date coming up: on August 25th as part of the gamescom retro floor. Stay tuned for details.


Cauldron Trees And another video sees the light of the world: Gymnastiorka for my good friend kybernaughty.
You can see him live in Frankfurt in October at Xerox Exotique #018.


Silent Service The live recording from the Silent Series concert in Augsburg this year is out now on Bandcamp. Heartfelt thanks go out to Sascha Stadlmeier/ Attenuation Circuit for this release.


My documentation expeRheiniMainental will be shown at the Waggon in Offenbach as part of the Liberation Movies series.


Scary Monsters Frankenstein Yet another video, this time for the track 'Chiptune Bourne' by the lovely Hans Hiscore.


Upcoming live dates:


Street RodLet's break spring with some automobile madness and a lovely track by Philipp Münch: the video for drivers without control.


Keep it coming: another short video, this time with a personal note.


It's been a while, so I made a new track called 'themEX'. Check it out in the sound section.


Light PlanetOut now: a CD EP called 'Struggling', with the live recording of my set in Augsburg last year. Biggest thanks to Sascha Stadlmeier/ Attenuation Circuit for creating this piece of documentation.
If you want one, get in touch.

08.01.2017   The new year kicks off with my documentation expeRheiniMainental (or short: exRM). It will premiere on January 15th (16:00) at the INM as a part of the Xerox Exotique series and be available as DVD at the same time.
Heartfelt thanks go out to all collaborators and especially QTCT and Tobias Schmitt.
11.12.2016   The video madness continues. Here's a video clip for Acrylwaffen's latest release. Made in a manic fit in less than 24 hours after I got the assignment. Features footage shot in Frankfurt (mainly Bahnhofsviertel) in 2001.
You can download the track here.

Video MeaniesFinally started assembling my video documentation about experimental music in the Rhine-Main area. See the teaser. The full documentation should be finished by the end of 2016 and premiere early in 2017.

Upcoming live dates:

As part of the first event of the new series Xerox Exotique: live video action together with QTCT as Image Accumulator, supporting Autumn Appreciation Society. Also on the bill: Vacuum from France. All these wonderful things happen at the Waggon in Offenbach. Here is the facebook event.

More live video for Suspicion Breeds Confidence as part of the Skop series under the name 'Der Mann mit den magischen Kisten'. Takes place on December 13th, 20:00 at Saalbau Gallus (Großer Saal), Frankenallee 111, 60326 Frankfurt.

02.08.2016   More live dates coming up!
27.07.2016   Ct On The Tiles For a change, an addition to the symbols section. A lovely collection of stickers designed in collaboration with my most favourite person QTCT. Enjoy them and use them in the hope of making the world a nicer place. Here's what the physical set looks like.
08.05.2016   Light & DarkNew track.
With a new video.
Called: SQ'D.
04.02.2016   The not-so-new-anymore year starts out with another video for Suspicion Breeds Confidence. Check it out here.
01.12.2015   TBOTTwo live dates are fixed for 2016:
05.10.2015   Out now on VHS: Antenna Research Live @ Bended Realities 2015. Limited edition of 10, in either vintage or normal edition. Contact me if you are interested.
01.09.2015   Another video, recorded at the first live action by Antenna Research, the new project with Tobias Schmitt. Here we go: Watch it.
You can see us live again on October 3rd, 2015 @ Phonophon.
07.12.2014   New video, this time for a lovely track by Suspicion Breeds Confidence. Here we go.
21.07.2014   Next live date: 30.08.2014 @ Klubi (Zurich) with Suspicion Breeds Confidence.
16.03.2014   Now also on facebook:
16.03.2014   Makin' Keys Another promo video - this time for the 5 Years Klirrbar festival. Klirrbar is a series of experimental/ noise concerts @ the Waggon in Offenbach - highly recommended!
21.02.2014   The archive has been updated with a link and a backup to the original webpage of Sound Interface Device, the earlier incarnation of LDX#40. Surf like it`s 1999!
20.02.2014   The live section now sports flyers (where recoverable).
19.02.2014   Brain Blast First live date in 2014 is on April 22nd @ Night On Earth (Cafe Central, Brussels), together with Circuitnoise and Suspicion Breeds Confidence.
Here's the lovely flyer.
14.09.2013   The 4-track mini CD "Bavarian Recordings Revisited" is now available on Bandcamp. Price: pay what you want!
01.09.2013   Too bright park Another live date coming up - SBC#40, a collaboration with Suspicion Breeds Confidence. It's an outdoor concert on October 6th 2013 as part of the Westentaschenlabor series in Frankfurt, this time under the Flößerbrücke. Also playing: Abschnitt_55
01.09.2013   Site redesign - out with the design chaff, the German version and the image section. In with the live history.
12.08.2013   Fridays will never be the same again.  
15 years of LDX#40 are celebrated on Friday, September the 13th at Klirrbar (Waggon Offenbach). Early tracks will be reanimated! And there will be a special CD release! Also playing: Feldrauschen, DJ Eddie Snowden, DJs Bett im Minenfeld
facebook event & flyer
25.05.2013   Joy! 'Infernal Cycle' - a joystick-controlled 'noise toy' synthesizer used for direct audience interaction during a live concert is now available for download in the C= section. First used at the Bended Realities Festival in 2013.
12.05.2013   'SplitShit' - a new track (sound) and a new video (YouTube). This is basically the condensed studio version of the April concert.
And the info page has been updated.
15.04.2013   Pictures from the Phonophon concert with Sudden Infant can be found @ the dump and on facebook. Plus a video of the full set shot by Circuitnoise.
06.04.2013   Meltdown  
LDX#40 live @ Phonophon
April 13th
supporting the fantastic Sudden Infant!
25.12.2012   Collapsing Cellular Circuit Fubar, the audio/video remix of the video for Circuitnoise, is now available on vimeo.
12.11.2012   Circuitnoise will be playing at Chambermusic at Ground Zero, and for this occasion a special version of the Build & Destroy - Collapsing Structures video will be shown as a fixed installation during the whole event.
19.09.2012   Er'm a lyte walker... See LDX#40 live in the Westentaschenlabor (link to facebook event) together with Abschnitt 55 on September 30th.
Unsocial Media data: Ostpark, Frankfurt am Main (Google Map), 3:30 p.m. straight, bring your own drinks, no admission, battery donations welcome.
06.08.2012   For a change, some comissioned work: a video for Circuitnoise. Watch it on vimeo.
17.06.2012   Fire away! A few pictures from the LDX$40 performance and props used there can be found in the dump. A 'studio version' of the set with new video material is available on vimeo).
15.06.2012   Fire away! LDX#40 = LDX$40. Special performance for phonophon on June 15th at the INM in Frankfurt. Here's the microsite with the announcment.
21.01.2011   Video section now links to vimeo, with the added benefit of another video (Delta) and some other old stuff being available... >> video.
11.01.2011   If you happen to live in Bavaria, you might wanna check out the Musiek Kaput party in Regensburg on January 28th. LDX40 will be DJing as 'Buster Jangle' - couple of 64 songs might be on the playlist...
27.06.2010   The recording from the 2010 concert at Klirrbar is now available on SoundCloud.
21.06.2010   Pictures from the concert at Klirrbar on July 9th, 2010 can be found in's Dump.
29.05.2010   Silence! I skull you! Another year, another concert - again at Klirrbar in Offenbach, together with kybernaughty vs. The Teacher & Horzes. The first 10 tickets are a 'special edition package' and will be available for advance sale at the the next Klirrbar on June 11th.
27.09.2009   A recording of the Klirrbar concert is now available to listen to and download in the sound section (under Misc. at the bottom of the page).
21.06.2009   Y'know... Pictures from the concert at Klirrbar can be found in's Dump.
26.04.2009   No clue what this is... Another chance to see LDX#40 live - on the 12th of June @ the Waggon in Offenbach.
02.02.2009   A recording of yesterday's live radio concert is available in the sound section.
06.01.2009   Walk into Oblivion Happy New Year! LDX#40 will kick off 2009 with a live radio concert together with fellow Kunstscheisser C14. The event will take place on the 8th of February @ 2100 hrs.
The concert will be broadcast by Frankfurt's Radio X. For people outside the broadcast range, there is luckily an mp3 live stream.
20.10.2008   Frankfurt has just seen the foundation of the "Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik e.V." (i.e. "Association for the Advancement of Phonography and Experimental Music"). If you're interested in what is all about, please visit the website.
06.07.2008   Phlapp New track: Mobile Stress Unit #XIV. Get it in the sound section.
07.06.2008   Pictures from FISCH DISCH FESTIVAL can be found in's Dump.
06.06.2008   Two new symbols in the, well, symbol section.
09.05.2008   Suspicion Breeds Confidence, BUCKETTOVSISSORS, Der Warst and LDX#40 live at the FISCH DISCH FESTIVAL on the 7th of June at multi trudi (Hohenstaufenstraße 13, Frankfurt am Main). Here's the flyer.
01.05.2008   Rayz'R Uz After 1 year of downtime, LDX#40 is back on track, announcing another live performance at the FISCH DISCH noise festival, taking place at multitrudi in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 7th of June 2008. Details to follow.
08.05.2007   Infernal Runner! Wonderful new button designs have been added to the symbol section.
14.04.2007   Micro update to the C= section.
19.02.2007   A new track is online, constructed out of raw material from the last concert. Featuring shamelessly ripped samples from System Shock 2.
>> sound
20.01.2007   Byte my shiny frosty ass! Another chance to see LDX#40 live - on the 5th of February at Frankfurt's Zucker concert series. See their web page for further information.
13.12.2006   Minimal update - one new item in the symbol section.
12.10.2006   The pages have undergone a technical overhaul, the only visible difference is that the language is now selected automatically. And something is hidden in these pages now...
The old radio stuff is now available in the sound section.
23.08.2006   (f)art sphere The C= section is back online... a collection of C64 stuff that has nothing (or not exclusively) to do with music.
02.07.2006   There's a new track online, despite sunshine and good weather. It was produced for the online compilation An Acoustic Tribute to Bear Bruno by the Gruenrekorder label. Since the tracks were limited to a length of three minutes, the full version of 'Brüno' is available in the sound section. It's a double C64 affair, hence no .sid file.
27.06.2006   Chop it! The C= section will be basically closed until further notice. It was rather pointless, since there's tons of good C64 games pages out there (recommended: Gamebase 64).
However, this section will return at some unspecified time in the future - there's already a concept for it. While the 'C=' label will still be fitting, the contents will be changed totally. Please stay tuned.
08.06.2006   Thanks to the nice people over at the Lemon 64 forum (especially waz), the latest LDX#40 song is now also available as .sid file.
01.06.2006   Again, it's LDX#40 vs. kybernaughty! 'Wurstfabrik Abstrakt' - an interpretation of the original track. Schnell, go sound!
27.05.2006   The first collaboration between LDX#40 and kybernaughty is online. Get this track with the programmatic title 'Wurstfabrik' in the sound section.
16.05.2006   Chwein! A new song is online - and it is the fastest so far. For a change, it has been created on a single C64. Unfortunately it is only available as .mp3 yet (recorded from the original hardware, no emulation), since there are still some problems with the conversion to the .sid format. Download it from the sound section.
24.04.2006   International Kunstscheisse + Concert mission successfully accomplished... many thanks to all the people who showed up. Extra big thanks go out to Guido, Tobias and Lasse of FFFEUNM, who made this event possible in the first place. And super mega extra thanks to Jessie, who had to put up with all the terror before the concert ;)
The first pictures are already online.
16.04.2006   In addition to the concert on the 20th of April, kybernaughty and LDX#40 will appear on Frankfurt's Radio X on the same day between 5 and 6 p.m.
02.03.2006   Bring the crack out! Incoming: kybernaughty and LDX#40 are playing live at the Frankfurter Forum für experimentelle und neue Musik at Tanzhaus West on the 20th of April. Besides music, there will be some visual and interactive elements.
Here's the flyer.
Plentiful attendance is requested.
28.01.2006   The first update of the year 2006 delights the world with new stuff in the symbol section.
19.12.2005   Be elitist! A little gadget has been added to the site - JukeLDX. It's a player that runs in a seperate browser window and can be used to play some of the LDX#40 songs. Just old ones, though, because the player doesn't do a very good rendition of the newer songs.
TheSIDplug browser plugin is required to use the player - get it [deleted].
[no longer works]
12.12.2005   Another new section - it's called symbol und contains something like merchandise.
04.11.2005   Locked on war! Now online: the cover for the virtual CD (i.e. the one to burn yourself) 'Missing Link'. It's located in the sound section.
08.10.2005   Simplified and 'de-cluttered' layout, a few editorial revisions and a couple of fixed links. That's all, folks.
29.09.2005   Don't bother me with the tales of your bard! A new song - very retro, since it's been produced on original hardware - to be more precise, on two C64s. Includes all those funny background noises from the machines (more about that probably soon).
Download (as usual) in the sound section.
22.09.2005   All LDX#40 tracks from the years 1998 to 2003 are now part of the High Voltage SID Collection, which is the most comprehensive collection of C64 music on the Internet.
13.06.2005   Go play Archon! Summer break is over! To start off autumn, there's a couple of new pictures in the [deleted] section.
16.06.2005   Cosmic Causeway Two old LDX#40 videos are back online - check them out in the video section. Big thanks are going out to Mark @ Needlesharing for hosting them files.
13.06.2005   On June 15th, there will be the "Monophonic Sound Contest" at the Forum für Experimentalelektronik, where the audience will be confronted with all kinds of sounds from old monophonic synthesizers. LDX#40 will probably join the contest with a SX-64 and the Kawasaki Synthesizer, trying to squeeze some fitting sounds out of the SX.
30.05.2005   Tetris After more than one year of abstinence, there's finally a new song... and a new phase of evolution - it was done with two C64s, manipulated live. Of course it's available in the sound section.
In addition, all mp3s have been freshly encoded, without a significant lack in quality, but they are now about half the size as before.
24.05.2005   Eyesoteric Finally - more space on! To celebrate this, all mp3s are from now on available in the sound section. Coming up next: a full version of one of the old videos for download.
21.05.2005   Antir(i)ad LDX#40 at Frankfurt's Radio X, with an interview and a couple of songs (self-made & by others). A recording can be downloaded (mp3, approx. 38 Min., 6,8 MB).
Since is no good for storing the songs anymore (due to new usage conditions), only the songs in the sound section are available as mp3s until further notice. The .sid files are still available. The search for new storage space has already started.
The links section has undergone a (long needed) makeover.
There are a lot of photos of the event from the 18.05. where LDX#40 DJed and showed his video before the divine Inox Kapell and Fear Falls Burning [invalid link]. Many thanks go out to Ray and his website Gothsick. More pictures to follow...
22.04.2005   Since the DJ event on the 20th of April didn't take place (due to unforeseen technical problems with the video projection), it has been moved to a new date: 18th of May, same location. All information in the news item below (09.02.) is still valid.
09.02.2005   On April 20th, a short LDX#40 DJ set under the title 'Pure 64' will take place at the 'Forum für Experimentalelektronik' in Frankfurt. It will consist of C64 tunes by LDX#40 and other people, backed by minimalistic C64 graphics... [invalid link]
04.01.2005   Remember Wasteland? Just in time for the new year - it's another update! This time it takes the form of a new section, dedicated to preserving works and activities from the pre-LDX#40 era: archive
29.07.2004   Cauldron Three of the more recent songs are available directly as MP3s in the sound section now.
23.07.2004   Back from the grave... after a long creative break. has switched to a new provider, therefore at least the trailer of the current "work in progress" can be downloaded from the video section.
Coming to terms with the past: the live recording of an appearance togther with other kunstscheissers at Nuremberg's Radio Z (well over one year old) can be downloaded as mp3 - in two parts: Part 1 - Part 2
17.05.2003   A new song: Anal Log. In the sound section and at [invalid link].
Three songs are now also available on Opsound. Opsound is (in their own words) '[...] a record label using an open source, copyleft model, an experiment in practical gift economics, a laboratory for new ways of releasing music.'
05.05.2003   Mayhem!'s administrator has finally returned, so here's the long promised update for the video section.
15.02.2003   Paradroid Another new song... the updates start to be a little bit on the boring side. It is called Green Badge Men Only and - surprise - can be downloaded from the sound section and from [invalid link].
An update is planned for the video section. The videos/ video samples are already encoded, but it has to be checked whether there is enough space left on the server.'s move to a decent server has unfortunately not taken place yet.
24.01.2003   Another update... a new song with the programmatic title 'Shop now - Riot later' is available in the sound section. Of course also at [invalid link]. Plus a couple of new links.
19.01.2003   The first update in 2003... a little trip by foot through Frankfurt yielded interesting visual material. 7 new pictures under the theme 'dbdecay' are now available in the [deleted] section.
28.11.2002   All LDX#40 songs are now available als MP3s. Since is still on a temporary server, the songs have to be downloaded from [invalid link] All songs can be downloaded directly, for free - no registration required.
07.11.2002   New song available - 'Die Faust von Sodom' (sound). And another [deleted].
19.10.2002   After a seeminlgy endless break, a new music product is finally available! Check it out in the sound section. There is also new material in the [deleted] section.
14.09.2002   Finally, an update. It's a new section called [deleted].
28.07.2002   LDX#40 is now officially represented on
21.07.2002   R.I.P. The predecessor of LDX#40, Sound Interface Device (or short: S.I.D.), is dead as of today. You can still visit the memorial at There's not much of a change, actually. But the old name appeared in too many other contexts and with different meanings...
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