SIDcraft through the AgesI've created a brand new song called 'SIDcraft through the Ages', which is featured in a little accompanying demo.

It is also part of a 10 track release which my good friend szmt has just released digitally.

Apple Music


Yes. A new demo. For Onslaught. With amazing music by Narcisound. Find it here.


And another strange year has bitten the dust... time for some thanx!

  • David Simmons aka Jazzcat for asking me to join Onslaught, my new C64 scene home. Shoutouts to all other Onslaughtees ~ a pleasure to hang out with you.
  • The First Offenders aka all the lovely people who contributed to 'Das Schlagen des Bimpfs' - Sascha Stadlmeier, Gerald Fiebig, Trstn Kauke, Worsel Strauss, Jens Rosenfeld, Guido Braun, Carsten Vollmer & Minimum Viable Person.
  • Patrick Neuntausend & Worsel Strauss of Frankfurter Klang for organizing my only live show this year.
  • Transmission64 - a great online demo scene event and the first time I entered something into a compo.
  • And yet again Worsel Strauss for inviting me to contribute musically to Fortran Love Call and to create the video for 'Double Timing Baby' together. Cheers to the other contributors: Claus Niegsch, Patrick Neuntausend, Markus Mattern, Frank Wilke & SZMT.
  • SZMT for inviting me to do a remix for him (to be released this year).
  • Keen Vox for all the amazing C= gadgets he made for me.
  • Guido Braun of ANALOGmusiq for various collaborations and releasing my stuff.
  • QTCT for invaluable support during all my silly little endeavours.

And of course everybody who watched, listened, downloaded, bought or otherwise showed interest in my stuff.

Hope I didn't forget anyone...

15.12.2021   The Alps Have Eyes

My final C= release for this year, a little old school demo called 'Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders", has been added to the C= section.


The Alps Have EyesThe first release of my new audio project is out now. It's called 'Das Schlagen des Bimpfs' and consists consisting of 9 reworkings / remixes of an original LDX#40 track by musician friends.

Available via bandcamp.


Here's a new video - a colorful 80ies retro trip called 'Double Timing Baby' for Fortran Love Call's upcoming EP. I contributed some musical input for the EP as well - but not on the track used in the video.


The Brotherhood Of Sleep A new release! Well, more like three releases in one - I've created two brand new tracks on the C64, which you can get as...
#1 a digital release on bandcamp - includes both tracks in 4 versions (emulation vs. real hardware & SID chip variants 8580 vs. 6581), plus a special remix of the first track combining all versions
#2 a .d64 file for use with emulators, which includes the tracks for both SID chip variants
#3 an actual 5.25" floppy disk in a custom gatefold cover, available in three disk colors - also available via bandcamp


I've unearthed an early attempt at game programming from 1989 - you can find it in the C= section at the bottom of the page.


Justified & AncientFinally, a new C64 release - an old school demo called 'Off the Grid'. Get it here or at CSDb.


First update for 2021 - a spanking new section showcasing the 'Rejected Logo Designs' graphics series.

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