This is a short documentation of the pre-LDX#40 era.

1. Sound Interface Device

Years: 1998-2002

Sound Interface Device is the predecessor of LDX#40. All songs up to 2002 were produced under this name. Apart from the name change it is pretty much the same project. The old web page is still online in all its ad-infested Tripod glory: In case this should ever vanished, a cleaned up version is available on Kunstscheisse.

Sound Interface Device Logo

2. Aardvark

Year: 1994

Musical project, mainly influenced by the music listened to privately and in clubs - mostly industrial / experimental and ritual (e.g. SPK, Blackhouse, Test Department or Esplendor Geometrico). The result was a tape with six tracks called Arcane Technology. Roughly 15 pieces were produced. Each sported an individual handmade cover (mainly utilizing images clipped from Spiegel magazine). In order not to waste the B side of the tape, it contained all songs again, only backwards. The product was mostly bought by friends and acquaintances.
This project was only possible with the help of kybernaut (then called Beltaine, see below), who provided all the necessary equipment.

Aardvark tape cover

Aardvark - Arcane Technology
Recorded between 03.08.1994 and 22.08.1994

  1. GENESIS [04:05] - DOWNLOAD (Sample, MP3, 274 KB)
  2. FAILURE (SEWER ROT) [04:43] - DOWNLOAD (MP3, 2.2 MB)
    contains samples from The Blob
  3. NIGHT OF THE NEEDLE [06:22]
  4. ORDO MALLEUS [03:49] - DOWNLOAD (Sample, MP3, 316 KB)>
    contains samples from Hardware and Day of the Dead
  5. ECLIPSE OF THE SOUND [08:05] - DOWNLOAD (Sample, MP3, 238 KB)
  6. DECAY [03:22]
  7. SDRAWKCAB [30:26]


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3. Beltaine

Year: 1994

Beltaine is an earlier musical incarnation of kybernaut. In 1994, the idea for a live concert was developed. Electronic sounds played from tape were supplemented with electric guitar (J.H. a.k.a. kybernaut), vocals (kybernaut, Robert) and metal percussion (T.J. a.k.a. LDX#40). In addition to that, the stage was dominated by four TV sets, which almost completely blocked the view on the musicians. On those, a video (compiled by kybernaut and LDX#40) was shown, which consisted of self-made video feedbacks and clips from favourite movies.

Beltaine Live - 1 Beltaine Live - 2
Beltaine Live - 3 Beltaine Live - 4
Beltaine Live - 5 Beltaine Live - 6
Beltaine background video - 1 Beltaine background video - 2


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